Did Mr. Franklin Li really verified the claims of Mr. Alberto Rivera?

I would like to refute his article on Mr. Alberto Rivera since the owner of papalbusters.blogspot.com officially claimed that Mr. Alberto’s claims are true. By the way, this is to inform you that if we are going to read his article, it remained to be not substantial and has no source to make his claims true.

Here are my refutes: The title of the post is : “Alberto Rivera’s Claims Verified”

here is the source: http://papalbusters.blogspot.com/2008/10/alberto-riveras-claims-verified.html

 If anybody thinks the last Pastor Alberto Romero Rivera was just making things up may want to consider reading his testimony along with others. Is he a fraud? Not at all.

Answer: actually, many Christians believed that what he claimed are hearsays and unsubstantial for those are just inventions of Jack Chick.

The claims published by Jack T. Chick (but I abhor his Zionist superstitions and implied Lordship salvation in his ministry especially the tract “Why No Revival”) in the book “Smokescreens” make so much sense with reliable photographic evidence.

  Ans: those are just illusions and fabrications made by Mr. Jack Chick, think of it, anybody can make or edit evidences in order to make a certain claim to be valid. Likewise, even if he documented documents about Mr. Rivera’s tour to any place. It does not count the validity of Mr. Rivera’s claims on his priesthood.

Alberto Rivera’s comic book has been so hated by the media because when you read what it says about the priests with what is happening today.

Ans: wrong, media practitioners never had been hating the book of Mr. Rivera, they just love to criticise his writings because of inconsistencies and inaccuracies of his claims. Mr. Rivera never had been a Jesuit priest in the first place, it is funny that until now, protestants like you seems to be an avid fan of Mr. Chick and Rivera’s misrepresentations of the Catholic faith.

Sidney Hunter’s book “The Secret History of the Jesuits” is so powerful that Jesuit churches have been determined to get rid of the book. As crazy as the claim sounds, it has been defended.

 Ans: I had never seen Catholic Priests (especially Jesuits) got rid with this book. I certainly say we find it funny that Mr. Li is fond of dramatizing the event. What a loss!

Former Catholic testimony from Clark Butterfield (a former priest) and Donna Eubanks (a former nun) that Alberto Rivera is telling the truth. I am no exception being a former Catholic and since I read it as a saved man, the contents DO tell the truth. I for one will keep it alive and well. That’s why I am writing this blog.

Ans: ok ok, granting WITHOUT admitting that what Mr. Butterfield and Ms. Donna Eubanks say are true, then why did the closest fellows of Mr. Alberto, in the person of Mr. Bartholomew F. Brewer, a former priest and the colleague of Mr. Alberto in the attempts of his to join in his mission verified that he did not even know a single idea about Catholic theology.

 Knowing Adolph Hitler is recorded as a religious Catholic, the papal nuncio’s pictures in the comic book “The Godfathers” and “Smokescreens” are incredibly accurate.

Ans: this is a type of diversion to the original proposition, does it fit the life of Mr. Alberto in the first place, Mr. Li? I bet it isn’t. maybe you should expose this to other post in your blog since this is not relevant to the issue.

They were not altered. These pictures are kept away from the public as so the world will not know that the Vatican had an alliance with Adolph Hitler prior to being attacked.

Ans: would you mind to please make another post for this? Please. You are trying to divert the issue.

Looking at the way Jesuits infiltrate the offices, we see Catholicism take so actively in shaping the world economy- and today the U.S. is crashing down thanks to Jesuit infiltration and it is proof positive because of the Vatican-U.S. relations with the president. 9/11 was a cover-up with Islam as the implementor but the Vatican is the mastermind behind it.

Ans; well another form of diversion to the original topic. Mr. Li is making hearsays and never presented a clear evidence with regards to the claim of Mr. Alberto Rivera. Come to think of it readers, if you will try to review his post, where there any concrete evidence in his claims?

  1. #1 by rhain on July 22, 2010 - 9:25 am

    bro,xenxa na.now lng ako nkavisit. Continue to fight the good fight!

    Live Jesus in our Heart!

  2. #2 by jose jeffrey on January 9, 2011 - 9:25 am

    9 Jan. 2011

    Dear Bro. Flewen,

    I would like to know from you (if you have any news/idea) what happened to the “papalbusters” site of Mr. Franklin Li.

    I know Mr. Li is a Baptist based in Cebu. (I live near in Cebu—but right now working in Dammam, Saudi Arabia). I’m just curious what happened to his blog site because last December 26, 2010, I did write a comment/suggestion to him to read former Baptist turned Catholic Steve Ray’s book CROSSING THE TIBER.


    Jose Jeffrey

    • #3 by flewen on January 16, 2011 - 12:31 am

      Dear Mr. Jose Jeffrey,

      hi bro, with regards to his blogsite, I don’t what happened to it since I was not able to monitor it again due to the nature of my work, even in my wordpress blog, I only have to visit and monitor the commentors so that I could respond to it. Anyway, thanks for the comment.

      just want to ask, where you first saw my personal apologetic blog?

      God Bless You,


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