Flewen as he celebrates Holy Week in Davao City/ Sarangani Province [Part 1]

It’s been a long week of celebrating Holy Week as I went home in Davao City together with my family and friends. And I made my part in contributing my own self in commemorating the feast of our salvation through the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am glad that our Christian faith remained especially that there were plenty of churches and religions who mock the Catholic Faith.

So, during those days, I had a good time with my churchmates and did a simple reunion. Likewise, I also to my family.

It was Palm Sunday as I went home from Manila to Davao City via an airplane. It was an exciting day for it was about 10 months since the last time I visited Davao from my job as a seafarer. As I arrived, my brother fetched me to the house of my father [since my father and mother are separated already]. We decided to attend the Mass at St. Joseph the Worker Parish to celebrate Palm Sunday.

My father and brother after the 4th mass at St. Joseph

me, and my highschool classmates met after the mass

Me after the mass

After the Mass, me and brother went to the tomb of my late grandmother and grandfather.

The grave of my grandpa ang grandma

Holy Monday/Holy Tuesday/Holy Wednesday

I visited my family in Sarangani Province and had a reunion with them. These days were much of personal experience with my family and of course bringing them closely to religious activities.

Holy Thursday

I attended the mass together with some of my friends on that day.

here are some of the pictures taken during the Solemn high mass

Selected parishoners who portrayed the Washing of the feet during the mass

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