re: Now I get it of jo King [INC member]

I’m sorry that I got late in answering the blogpost of Mr. Jokingonlee [his post],. I first replied to one of his posts concerning the conversion of Charice Pempengco to the Catholic faith[ click here] and as I checked his blog, I accidentally saw another reply from him regarding the post I entitled “I get it” [click here]. So as a response, let me just reiterate to him points to ponder regarding my general statements about their members. See how he chose only the points of which he fits his standard .

a sneak peak of his blogpost

[On the tiara issue. Did the INC placed its point on the tiara or the title?]

yes, as what I posted in this blog, I pointed out the pasugo article of which the writer points out the tiara as one of the examples of how the pope is the 666, are you not aware about the debate between Mr. Karl Keating and Mr. Ventilacion in the 80’s?

                this part of the video illustrates how mr. Keating exposed the ignorance of the INC members concerning the tiara issue.

[As you may well know the Catholics authorities have a knack of CONCEALING and TRANSFERRING pedophile priest.]

what is the connection of the paedophile priests regarding the 666 mania? I am deeply worried as on how your intellectual capacity is ruined through the brainwashing techniques of your ministers. Let me remind you that not all priests are paedophiples. I would like also to correct the issue concerning the transferring of paedophile priests. We all know the reason as on why some priests were transferred to other diocese. One big reason is that they are still under investigation, once a priest was accused of pedophilia, they were given the chance to transfer the priest as to make the investigation vivid and without bias. The investigating team from the court and the diocese are autonomous but with connivance as to gather evidences as to whether the suspect should be damned to the jail or not. Once the trial is done and the judge announces that the suspect is convicted with paedophilia, the diocese shall call on the accused and must present him to the court for the final verdict and eventually his road to jail. You should study about that.

read more: source 1, source 2

They even DENIED the document of the  DONATION OF CONSTANTINE which mentions the disputed title. However it is now DENIED, It points clearly to the FACT that your authorities BENEFITTED from that DOCUMENT.]
the donation of constantine according from the historians is a FORGED DOCUMENT in order to give favor to the Church and the church never accepted that document to be valid since it cannot be found the archives of the vatican. the carbon dating of the document was questionable because it was dated to be written in the 8th century while Constantine lived in the 3rd century. According to  Heinrich Friedrich Karl Freiherr vom Stein in his book “Monumenta Germaniae Historica”,

” the Donation was widely accepted as authentic, although the Emperor Otto III did possibly raise suspicions of the document “in letters of gold” as a forgery, in making a gift to the See of Rome”.

source: click here

[on your second point. “Mr. Manalo’s disappointment of those freak pastors of their church.” Well, who wouldn’t be disappointed for freak pastors as you say. Thats why they are expelled.]
there were many cases that your ministers> I don’t know if you have read this one but I never heard them expelled in your ministry. [click here]

[You said “note: i did not see any records that they were expelled, there were even many INC members who committed crimes left to be INC until now. “
Well, it is not for public information dearest. It is being announced in an INC congregation not with any other church like yours dear. I’m sure you have heard of ex ministers who went to the fold of ADD. Whether you believe it or not dear it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. Or prove anything to  you.]

again, those who transferred were not abusive in their deeds, most of them are good servants of your church, they transferred to the ADD because of their opinion regarding the true faith that can be found in the Eli Soriano’s fold. There’s no issue with the conversion of them to the faith invented by Soriano but the point is the non-expulsion of your ministers even if they are allegedly accused of doing inhumane actions.

[It is not something we should be showing off as you would like us to do. We are not like your priest who threaten their own brethren publicly of excommunication in leading dailies. Like your brethren Noynoy. Just to prove something.]

you make me laugh with your statements. are you saying that the church had threatened him to be excommunicated? what I read in the newspapers is that, PNOY is only SUBJECTED to EXCOMMUNICATION if he still maintains his liberal point of view, it is different from PNOY is THREATENED of EXCOMMUNICATION. you have understand the terms used before stating your wanderings regarding the statements of the bishops and priests concerning PNoy’s stand concerning contraception.

here is a classical example from GMA NEWS report]

source: click here

[Sorry dearest but the INC is not like that.]

your church is like that, don’t you see how they turn out to be hypocrites once refuted?

[Come again dear “Proving their last resort every time they could not explain their faith:”
I believe that would be your faith. I had the pleasure of talking with many catholics like you and not one of you can point out WHERE in the BIBLE is the teaching of 3 persons in one god?]

actually there is a good place to start that kind of discussion. We can start from the simplest context in the Genesis concerning the existence of the holy Trinity in the Bible. Btw, I find it funny that you are stating doctrines that you consider to be unbiblical in your church while I was only generalizing my statements regarding the funny acts of your brethren in here.

[After all, a lot of catholics are indeed proud that the catholics translated the bible they would. So how come it is not that easy for a catholic to point to a verse in the bible that teaches about this?
Now i get it. Catholics simply don’t know. They don’t know that they are being fooled by their mentors.]

funny, because the Catholic Church really have the guts to compile, translate and propagate the Bible, are you not aware why your church cannot provide early Church documents and were not able to state antique evidences that it is connected to the Early Church? what your ministers can do is to cut and paste ideas from other churches. In addition, the fact is that you do not have any Manalo’s version of the Bible.  did you ever noticed that? tell me.

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