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A Tribute to Fr. Abe and his blog, The Splendor of the Church

It was on the year 2007 when I decided to engage in apologetics through online. I was not prepared to where and how will I be able to defend the Catholic Faith without any resources since I used only my personal explanation of it without verses that would let protestants understand my faith. Not until I made my first blog using Friendster.

to that blog, it focused on articles from other sites which defend the Catholic Faith where I also learned a lot especially it features verses that defend the Catholic Church and its teachings. As I am also searching for any Catholic Convert from the Ang Dating Daan which I suppose to cover it for my Friendster blog, the search engine brought me to a blogsite entitled “ The Splendor of the Church” where it is administered by a priest. So I got interested to it and put to the list of my favourite blogs. At first, I did not seem to distinguish the name of the priest since what I most like is his write-ups with regards to Mr. Angeles Apin and not the owner, hehehe, as time goes by and seems I am not yet interested to know the name of the blogsite administrator.

On the year 2008, our school’s Catholic organization (Basic Ecclesial Community) decided to make a blog which we named it in accordance also to the name of our organization. The concept focused on the ecumenical activities of the school, church and the archdiocese I belong. But in my part, I still put on links of various Catholic websites/blogs/forum sites where I think helpful for the viewers to be redirected to their sites. I also include “The Splendor of the Church” as one of my favourite blogs.

How did I discover the name of the priest?

Unexpectedly, when I was in Manila in preparation for my work aboard the ship, I met some DFF (Defensores Fidei Foundation) members especially Kuya Thomas and Sir Mongladz. They let me know the religious organization they joined also which named “The Queen of Heaven”. I met “tatang” and mingled with some of their members where I’ve seen them very devoted to  the Our Lady. Sir Mongladz explained to me that the DFF is widely common among Manilenos who know apologetics. He let me share my viewpoints to the members of their religious organization (especially about Sola Scriptura). Good to say that he mentioned also “The Splendor of the church” blog where he read also some of the articles about it. But he never mentioned the name of the priest that’s why I was curious on who is he.

As I always have a contact with Kuya Ryan Mejillano, a CFD (Catholic Faith Defenders)- Davao Chapter member, he told me that there would be a national convention where a certain apologist from Sorsogon will also be the guest on that event. He mentioned the name of Fr. Abe (Abraham). He said to me that he is a good apologist and a priest in their place who also had the chance to talk to various converts from other religions/ sects. He told to me that he owns a blog which has same name to his television show: “The Splendor of the Church”. I was glad to hear and know that the name of the priest is Fr. Abe, I told Kuya Ryan to extend my regards to him even if we never met in personal. I remember it was around November when the convention started and Kuya gave to me the updates on that activity. He told me also that Fr. Abe knew me as flewen in ‘The Bereans” (A non-Catholic Forum Site) and wanted me to know in person but sad to say, I was in Manila that time. Bro. Jub and Bro. Isahel informed me through text that some activities were featured by him in his blog and I’m glad to see them very responsive to the event. I wrote a comment to one of the features and didn’t notice that Fr. Abe’s going to call me. I remember the time he called me 3-4 times but I was afraid to answer it since I still have no idea of who is calling. But in an unexpected clicking of the answer button of my cp (since I was playing soduko that time, hehehe), I have no choice but to answer the cell phone, he told me that he is Fr. Abe from Sorsogon and got the number from Kuya Ryan. I was amazed  that he called me and can’t even talk straight to him. For about 5 minutes (estimated only), I shared to him my experience as an online apologist and where and how I learned apologetics.

What is my impression to his blog?

His blog is very informative. It has been the source of many young apologists (like me) who seek many answers with regards to the Catholic Faith. It demonstrates variety of the activities he joined with. He also featured some apologist and their apologetic/ ecumenical blogs where surprisingly I am one of those in his 2008 section. It also covers his interviews to various former Protestants/ evangelicals and articles showing some individuals who converted to Catholicism. And lastly, Catholic documents and updates and rebuttals to the current issues that affect the church if will still be pursued to be propagated in an anti-catholic way.

Fr. Abe (Abraham) , thanks for being kind. I owe the information and explanations you taught me either in your blog or thru text. As a father and a big brother, thanks a lot.

here’s his blog:

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