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the ignorance of christian of INC regarding my situation here in China

well, I don’t have to elaborate the reason why I cannot post in blogspot, but I think I need to reiterate again the reason why I cannot post my replies in mr. readme’s blog.

1. In China, [except in Hong Kong and Macau] restricted some websites and chat networks.

reason: because of the inability of those sites to submit their loyalty and deal to the communist government of China especially if we will talk about not showing bitter comments to their government.

TOP 10 blocked sites in China [includes Pakistan]

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Youtube

4. Blogger





9. Hellotxt

10. Dropbox


watch more:

as you can see, in order for me to enter to blogger, I need to go to a proxy site named but this site has limited features and blocks some of the important part [e.g. comment section]. So don’t be ignorant mr. Christian, you must be thankful that I am abroad for my work.



Flewen as he celebrates Holy Week in Davao City/Sarangani Province [Part 2]

Good Friday

I was able to attend the Siyete Palabras  at around 12:30 (LT). I listened to the stories of the sharers and found out that it is not just me who experienced ups and downs in life. Though it has been a fact that even if how rich or poor we are, we all have the same wheel of ups and downs. here are some of the pictures I captured during the Siyete Palabras.

The sharers during the Siyete Palabras

After the siyete palabras was the veneration of the cross, it was done through the Parish Priest of St. Joseph the Worker Church together with him were the invited priests from other parish. As it was initiated. The lector informed the people for the Santo Intierro procession in which statues of Holy persons including Jesus were carried to be venerated by the people as to remember Christ’s passion and death..

Catholic Faithful during their veneration to Jesus being crucified.

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Flewen as he celebrates Holy Week in Davao City/ Sarangani Province [Part 1]

It’s been a long week of celebrating Holy Week as I went home in Davao City together with my family and friends. And I made my part in contributing my own self in commemorating the feast of our salvation through the passion, death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am glad that our Christian faith remained especially that there were plenty of churches and religions who mock the Catholic Faith.

So, during those days, I had a good time with my churchmates and did a simple reunion. Likewise, I also to my family.

It was Palm Sunday as I went home from Manila to Davao City via an airplane. It was an exciting day for it was about 10 months since the last time I visited Davao from my job as a seafarer. As I arrived, my brother fetched me to the house of my father [since my father and mother are separated already]. We decided to attend the Mass at St. Joseph the Worker Parish to celebrate Palm Sunday.

My father and brother after the 4th mass at St. Joseph

me, and my highschool classmates met after the mass

Me after the mass

After the Mass, me and brother went to the tomb of my late grandmother and grandfather.

The grave of my grandpa ang grandma

Holy Monday/Holy Tuesday/Holy Wednesday

I visited my family in Sarangani Province and had a reunion with them. These days were much of personal experience with my family and of course bringing them closely to religious activities.

Holy Thursday

I attended the mass together with some of my friends on that day.

here are some of the pictures taken during the Solemn high mass

Selected parishoners who portrayed the Washing of the feet during the mass

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Reminiscing my beloved St. Joseph The Worker Parish

St. Jospeh The worker Parish, Sasa, Davao City

As I went home last month, I was able to meet and see the church were I used to serve…The St. Joseph The Worker Parish, Sasa-Pampanga, Davao City. In that church, I became:

+ an altar server for about 5 years,

+ choir member for 3years,

+ psalmist for about 1 year,

+ school catechist for 10 months,

+ Youth Leader (Pangulo sa Batan-on) in our GKK (BEC) for about 2 years,

+ School Lector for about 2 years

+ Teatro ni San Jose for about 2 years

Brief History

This parish is established on the year 1964 with the help of the PME fathers. Presently, It is located at the north part of Davao City where Sasa Port, just 1 km away from the parish and the Davao International Airport (F. Bangoy International Airport) also resides.

It is divided into 9 Zones wherein it stretches from the north of DAMOSA, left part of Lanang, Lanang Beach Club up to Km. 11, Sasa and jump the left part of the Pres. Carlos P. Garcia Highway (La Verna Hills, Buhangin). As to estimate, there are about 100,000 members of that parish and is still increasing.


When I walked in going to St Joseph parish (since from the highway, you need to walk for about 6-10 minutes before you could get there), I really cherished the times when I used to do that routine especially as I run directly to the parish convent for my schedule . As I saw it, I am flabbergasted with the amazing beauty of the parish. It has improved a lot from the time I left Davao City on the year 2008.

Unexpectedly, I saw from the Fr. Godbout Center (Near the parish building and the venue for the yearly activities of the church) that the Teatro ni San Jose are preparing for the youth night. I had a good talk with them especially that some members where my comrades in the Knights of the Altar. I heard from them that the parish had been so active with regards to ecumenism talk since some communities of our parish have muslim inhabitants. The Parish according from them had organized various activities by clustering the GKK (BECs) to small ones in order to accommodate the spiritual needs of each family. They also shared to me that the parish installed aircondition units and is the first in Davao to make a Catholic Parish be airconditioned, where I personally saw that outstanding development.

I am very thankful that because of this parish, my doubting years is gone and also to the leaders and workers of the parish that helped me mould my faith to become strong and effective.