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Biblia Lamang?


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Pass the RH Bill now!

Pass the RH Bill now!.

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Yep. You heard me right. Pass that damned bill right now. As in RIGHT NOW. Anyway, it’s gonna end up like that laughable Clean Air Act — it will join the company of Alf and Mikey Macapagal Arroyo’s horrible showbiz career in the long list of “forgotten memories”. In a few month’s time, nobody’s even gonna give a hoot that it divided this I-just-love-smoochin’-Uncle-Sam’s-candy-a$s-24-hours-a-day-seven-days-a-week banana republic for the past couple ‘o years. Just give it a few months, and those funny internet trolls and haters who have been commenting in defense of the R(oad to) H(ell) Bill in various online articles all over the web will soon discuss the economic merits of breast  implantation, the tantric effects of sex change, and the philosophical satisfaction of mutual masturbation. But the RH Bill?

F that one, man. It’s a law now. We havin’ a good time with Ragnarok and Bang Bros! Woot woot!”

Oh, yes. The RH Bill will do yet another Clean Air ACT. Like this sorry 1999 law as well as countless other legislative disappointments, the RH Bill will never bear fruit. We see ‘em violators every day: plastics burning in backyards and vacant lots lookin’ more like jamboree campsites; buses and jeepneys competing  against each other as to who are the best highway smoke belchers there are; smoke stacks from factories and power plants spewing the blackest smoke all year round, as if hell itself has an entrance from within their edifices.

Anybody been sanctioned?

In the Philippines, laws —not promises— are made to be broken. :D So believe me when I say this: the RH Bill will never be implemented “correctly” nor will it bear fruit the way pro-RH kiddos wanted it to prosper. It will NEVER save our economy, much less help the poor.

Can’t wait to see the look on their faces… so to our beloved congress homies, will ya PUH-LEAZE PASS THAT DARNED BILL ASAP?!!!

Whoa?! Why THIS?! LOL!!! Go figure! ;p

Oh, and one more thing… the only true beneficiaries here would be the authors of the bill. Oooooooooooohh, fat paychecks are comin’ at ya! So don’t say that I didn’t say NO TO RH BILL! I said YES! So please, share me summa da loot!!!


The Promises Have Not True

The arrival of oral contraception in the early 1960s and of ‘liberal’ abortion (1967) ushered in the ‘sexual revolution’. Enthusiasts promised this would mean:

—    every child would be a wanted child;

—    illegitimacy and unwanted pregnancy would almost disappear;

—    abortion rates would be low and soon decline;

—    families would be happier and marriages stronger, and;

—    we’d all —especially women— be happier and healthier.

Instead, we have had:

—    ever more unplanned pregnancies;

—    4 million abortions; soaring abortion rates and ever more post-abortion trauma;

—    an unparalleled rise in single motherhood and one-parent families;

—    a surge in sexually transmitted diseases — some of them passed on to babies;

—    women’s bodies having to cope with increasingly powerful chemicals and a serious rise in female infertility;

—    more sex-related crime against women and children;

—    more domestic violence, especially against women, and more teenage crime and violence;

—    rampant pornography, and;

—    declining marriage rates and now 40% of marriages breaking down.

Increased abortion and contraception have been the direct cause of some of these and are related to the others.

Faced with them, the government wants yet more contraception and more abortion — which is like trying to put out fire with petrol?

The truth is that a social experiment, launched in the 1960s, has failed.

(From the book Conspiracy Against Life, 1996, Two Hearts Media Organization, p. 248)

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Refuting G12 system defined by Good Harvest Ministry [part II]

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. (16) You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? (17) Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. (18) A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. (19) Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. (20) Therefore by their fruits you will know them. Matthew 7:15-20


Part II


They said: G12 is a New Testament Christianity

My reply: really? I cannot even read in history that the system started, all I’ve read were the scenarios and symbolism why Jesus chose 12 apostles.

They said: G12 is basically living New Testament Christianity. Many churches, models, and movements excel in one or two areas of ministry. G12 is a practical vision to live the ministry.

My reply: and adding anti-Catholicism in order to grow, that is the foolish tactic that I ever seen especially that your targets are youth, Catholic youth of which are curious and like to explore about what’s God for them, and it is funny how you regard the system as a Living New Testament Christianity? Come on, churches under G12 didn’t even have unity amongst themselves because of doctrinal, personal and financial reasons? I simply get the fact why until now you have no unity by those I mentioned but become one in attacking Catholic doctrines, tsk tsk tsk..

they said: Matthew 28:19-20 NKJV says: “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations…” This is the Great Commission. Every church is commanded to win souls and make disciples!  A church that is not winning is hardly a church at all. In the Vision, we call this WINNING.

my reply: there is no problem in doing discipleship, but it should be in line with the teachings of the apostles and Jesus Himself. Remember, Christ established a church [Mt. 16:18-19], and it should be one in Faith [Ephesians 4:5], and personal interpretations of scripture is highly forbidden in the bible [Proverbs 3:5]. So we have to rethink that in many ways, the system is polluted [because of system abuses] and already a pollutant [using anti-catholicism] to Christianity.

[Matthew 16: 18-19

18 And I say to you: That you are Peter; and upon this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

19 And I will give to you the keys of the kingdom of heaven. And whatsoever you shall bind upon earth, it shall be bound also in heaven: and whatsoever you shall loose on earth, it shall be loosed also in heaven.

Ephesians 4:5

5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Proverbs 3:5

5  Have confidence in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not upon your own prudence.

( Douay-Reihms Version)]

they said: Pastors know the value of a three-day spiritual retreat. Many men in the Bible – Moses, Jonah, Paul – had three-day encounters with the Lord. Every new believer should experience the revelation of the cross and the power of the presence of God. We call this the ENCOUNTER.
We are called not only to win people to the Lord, but to make disciples. Discipleship is the process of forming the character of Christ in each new believer. Pastors agree that the process of discipleship includes continued training in the Word, life, and ministry. We call it SCHOOL OF LEADERS.

Acts 2:46 says: “So continuing daily with one accord in the temple, and breaking bread from house to house, they ate their food with gladness and simplicity of heart.” Scholars agree that the first church model in the book of Acts was house to house. We call it CELLS.

My reply: but some churches under G12 system never even have breaking of the bread and wine everytime they are doing their so-called worship services.


Here is an example:

note: no breaking of the bread and wine.


Now, regarding again discipleship, we have to understand that we shall be focusing also in history in order to know if what we are doing is in line with the teachings of the apostles and Jesus Himself, in the accounts of history, it was the Catholic Church that compiled the books that are to be put in the bible, never that we can read in the history that other churches outside the Catholic Church compiled and had a council whatsoever regarding the Bible, in fact, without the Bible you are holding right now, you cannot preach what you believe, ONLY the Catholic Church can do that because the church I belongst holds the fullness of truth…

they said: Everyone can do for someone else what was done for them. Giving away that which was given to you is part of being a Christian. Every Christian has something to offer. Every Christian can open a cell. Every Christian can win people to Jesus and help them to become disciples. According to this definition of leadership, “every believer is a leader of leaders.” We call this SENDING.


In our local churches, if we can grasp the simplicity of the Vision, we can transmit it to our people with confidence, authority, and anointing. Now is the time for the Church in the world to reflect the Church in the book of Acts.

My reply: there is a certain blogger who said that there were abuses in using the system, they combined the old to the new system and everything becomes extreme, truly extreme. One example is that how some member churches define Sex, according to Mr. Edward Baloja, Sex is good and holy, but when some hears it, they think of pornography, really pornography?..tsk tsk tsk..


Here’s the link for more information.

In this kind of personal interpretation, you see how you are divided amongst each other and this is not good, the reason why I pointed out as another form of doctrine because we have no clear and established form of system that we can see in Born Again/Evangelical ministries, they all say they teach the right doctrines but somewhat until now divided amongst each other, is that what Jesus like for His Church after 2000 years of existence?


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the misquotations of Mr. Christian of INC

Ito magaling na FLEWEN:
“Et quantum ad primum, CUM PAPA SIT VICARIUS FILII DEI, sicut quod Deus fecit mediantibus creaturis tanquam mediantibus causis secundis, totus potus facere immediate per seipsum, ita papa saltem quantum ad potestatem jurisdictionis. Sicut omnes fideles regit mediantibus ecclesiae ministris, ita potest immediate per seipsum regere.”
English Translation:
“And as much as to the first, since THE POPE IS VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD, as that God made the creatures as if by means of the mediation of secondary causes, the whole he could do directly by himself, so the pope has at least as much power of jurisdiction. Similarly, he can govern directly all the faithful, or by means of the ministers of the Church.”
[Volume 3 of SUMMA THEOLOGICAE by the Archbishop of Florence, Saint Anthony (1389 – 1459), was published in Venice. Title 22, chapter 5, section 16]
Eto pa ang isa pa:

“Et post Deum Imperator Apostolicus hoc approbat, (ut in ca. venerabilem. de electione. et ibi docto.) Ex quibus apparet, quòd Imperator Romanorum est dominus seu protector universàlis Christianorum. (et vide Abba. in c. novit de judi.* qui dicit communem esse opinionem), quòd Imperium à Deo sit; ET À PAPA IMMEDIATE, QUI EST VICARIUS FILII DEI.”
English Translation:
“After God’s Chief Apostle has given his approbation, … with which it is evident the Roman Emperor is lord or universal protector of Christians, etc., … supreme power is from God, AND NEXT THE POPE, WHO IS THE VICAR OF THE SON OF GOD.”
[Thesaurus Christianae Religiones, Alphonsus Alvarez Guerrero, 1559, chapter LV (55), De Imperatore et eius authoritate, pg. 305, line 30, a second copy pg. 305, line 30:]

sagot: ang pinag-uusapan, ay ag titulong ginamit ng santo papa. Ang quotations na ipinoste mo does not define any fact that the title is used by the pope as Vicarius Filii Dei, because if we are going to read the commentaries of St. Anthony of Florence and Alphonosos Alvrez Guerrero, it only speaks to their description of who the pope is, in short, it is not a title but a description. Ang argumento kasi Mr. Christian eto ah:

patunayan na ang Vicarius Filii Dei ay titulong ginamit ng santo papa sa kanyang pagiging papa o sa tiara [base na rin sa September 1976 issue ng pasugo].

Sa argumento namin ni Aerial, lumalabas na hangin lang ang ibinuga niya at wala siyang naipakitang ebidensiya t prove that the title is being used by the pope. Eh kaso, doon kayo namumulot sa commentary which in fact not a final declaration or title for the pope. so sorry ha, dahil ang ebidensiya mo ay commentary at hindi official declaration of the Vatican itself.
sabi mo: Ano iyan sumablay din ba ang mga iyan? Hmmmmmm….


sagot: pinapahalata mo lamang ang pagkaignornte mo sa facts. Akalain mo, nagmistulang search engine ang internet at nang nakabasa lang ng Vicrius Filii Dei as to describe the pope eh totally sasabihing it is considered as an approved title of the pope? mahiya ka naman Christian.
Tandaan mo sabi nga ni BROD. AERIAL sa BLOG niya;



Ang ikinakatwa ko lang ngayon sa argumento ng mga INC, pinipilit talaga nilang sabihin na ang Vicarius Filii Dei ay ginamit na titulo ng santo papa.


Ayon sa September 1976, ito nga raw ay nakaukit sa papal tiara ng santo papa.


Eh bakit ngayon, sasabihing, hindi mahalaga kung nakalagay ba sa tiara ang titulo o hindi? Malaking kalokohan iyan mga INC, last resort

Magquote ng mga description of the pope instead of the authorized and approved title that was used by the pope. Kaya nga umurong ang mga Adventists eh dahil wala silang prueba for their claim. Even a picture of the tiara, wala silang naipakita. So it only shows, humugot lang kayo ng basurang argumento laban sa iglesiya katolika.


the ignorance of christian of INC regarding my situation here in China

well, I don’t have to elaborate the reason why I cannot post in blogspot, but I think I need to reiterate again the reason why I cannot post my replies in mr. readme’s blog.

1. In China, [except in Hong Kong and Macau] restricted some websites and chat networks.

reason: because of the inability of those sites to submit their loyalty and deal to the communist government of China especially if we will talk about not showing bitter comments to their government.

TOP 10 blocked sites in China [includes Pakistan]

1. Facebook

2. Twitter

3. Youtube

4. Blogger





9. Hellotxt

10. Dropbox


watch more:

as you can see, in order for me to enter to blogger, I need to go to a proxy site named but this site has limited features and blocks some of the important part [e.g. comment section]. So don’t be ignorant mr. Christian, you must be thankful that I am abroad for my work.


rebuttal to aerial cavalry [part 5]

source of my post: C:\Users\aran\Desktop\to be posted on net\aerialpart5.htm

Sagot: hindi komo na ang mga nambiktima sa mga Obispo ay majority mga katoliko, ibig sabihin, wala ng disiplinang isinasabatas ang Iglesiya Katolika, of course meron, dahil kung wala man, buong bansa na siguro, lahat ng mga katoliko pasaway na, kalokohan iyan.

At isa pa aerial, ang batas kahit ipinapatupad, hindi parin assured na lahat sumusunod, andiyan na ang disiplina, ang tao na lang ang gagawa ng move kung susundin ba nila ito o hindi, sa inyo nga rin naman eh, kahit may disiplina, may nakakalusot pa rin na mga pasaway, aminado nga ang lider mo eh, marami sa inyong mga ministro ang sadyang nasilaw sa makamundo at hindi maka-Diyos na mga Gawain.

Eto oh ebidensiya:

So give and take na ito ah. At isa pa, hindi pumayag ang mga Obispo na magpabiktima, kaya nga nabiktima eh dahil unconscious sila sa propaganda ng mga corrupt na mga opisiyal, hahaha..ngayon lang ako nakatagpo ng taong magsasabing “….AY PUMAYAG NAMAN DIN SILANG MABIKTIMA hehehehehe..” enjoy na enjoy ka sa sinabi mo ha, hahaha…sige nga dare ko sa iyo, provide a source na “Pumayag silang mabiktima”  at diyan magkakaalaman tayo sa issue na iyan.

Eh ni sa inyo nga eh, kapwa INC, binibiktima rin ninyo…count natin yung sitwasiyon ni Charice Pempengco bago nagpa-convert sa pagiging Katoliko, eh ano ba naman ang pinanggagawa ng ama ni Charice eh akala ko rin ba, perfect uber ang disiplina ninyo, gusto mo magbigay pa ako ng sinasabing mga celebrity ninyo na mga INC na sila sila rin hindi sumusunod sa sinasabi mong disiplina? O yung ditto lang, classmate ko noong elementary. Dare?


rebuttal to aerial cavalry [part 3]

source of my post: C:\Users\aran\Desktop\to be posted on net\aerialpart3.htm


Sagot: kahit baligtarin man natin ang mundo aerial, gusto mong palitawin na sa kung sasagot man ako na majority ng mga namumuno sa ating bansa ay katoliko, isasagot mo agad ang ganitong statement : “kitams, kitang kita na ang mga katoliko ay ganito…ganyan…” at isa pa, kaya ko sinabing wala kang karapatang magtanong diyan dahil alam mo na ang obvious sa sitwasiyon regarding sa statistics na iyan, so instead na itanong mo kung majority ba o hindi, mas maganda kung itanong mo sa akin kung anu-ano ba ang nagawa ng mga pulitiko sa ating bansa na ang majority ay katoliko, doon makakapag-enumerate ako sa iyo ng marami, dare?


Pangalawa, kahit involve man o hindi ang isang katoliko sa issue about sa PCSO, hindi makatwirang i-conclude na lang lahat ng mga katoliko rin ay gumagawa ng ganyang kalokohan, isipin mo ha, sa ilang beses mo nang napanood ang report patungkol sa issue na iyan sa T.V. at sa radiyo eh tangan tangan mo pa rin ang pagiging anti-katoliko? buti pa sa Sen. Lacson, whom I think a born again Christian saluted the bishops for being honest to confess that they received money or asked car in which they [bishops] clarified that those money/ vehicles received were used for charitable acts. In fact, Sen. Teofisto Guinggona acknowledged also that reason, so in short, their [bishop] explanation is clear already in the minds of our senators…open-minded eh, hindi closed.


Pangatlo, kahit sabihin mo pang wala kang sinabi, pinupunto mo parin ang generalization which is hasty masiyado, hindi naman porket nagmukhang majority sa mga pulitikong naakusahan mga katoliko eh lahat na ng mga namumunong katoliko eh pasaway na. So the argument you have is getting fallacious na, unlike sa inyo, wala eh, tinatago, walang binubulgar liban na lang nang inamin ng inyong Manalo hierarchy na may pasaway nga talaga sa loob pa lang ng inyong igleiglesiyahan.

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