Another failure to Pro-RH Bill

Anti-RH bill and Pro-RH Bill had an intellectual debate held at the ABS-CBN in their show, “HARAPAN“. They SHARED their inputs, surveys and constitutional interpretations with regard to the bill.

Pro-RH bill adherents were\;

Rep. Janette Garin,

Rep. Edcel Lagman [authors of the RH Bill],

                                     Carlos Celdran,

                                     Former Health Secretary

                                     Esperanza Cabral,

                                     Former AKBAYAN Partylist Risa Hontiveros- Baraquel,

                                     Beth Ansioco and

                                     a protestant minister Bishop Rodrigo Tano

while the Anti-RH Bill representatives were :

                                     Rep. Anthony Golez,

                                     Rep. Roilo Golez,

                                     Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines representative Rev. Fr. Melvin Castro,

                                     Former Laguna Gov. Joey Lina,

                                     Human Life International rep. Dr. Ligaya Acosta and

                                     CBCP Family and Life Atty. Jo Imbong

”]The two sides clashed their evidences and viewpoints on the bill. Mr. Julius Babao and Ms. Karen Davilawere the hosts of that debate and stricken the time on each debater as they share with them their inputs.

The Initial Survey in their Text Poll, 68.5% of Filipinos who joined the poll agreed that the Reproductive Bill [RH Bill] must be junked [Ibasura] while the remaining 31.5% said it must be passed [Ipasa] to the congress.

As the Final Survey as of 12:40 am [LT]May 09, 2011 was announced , the PRO-RH Bill rose their percentage from 31.5% up for about 34.62% so approximately, 3.2% higher than the initial poll result. On the other hand, the ANTI-RH Bill obviously [though lessened] won by votes as they had 65.38% [less 3.12%] on all texters and online voters who went in favor for them.

Mr. Celdran emphasized that: He is not convinced on the Php2.50 text votes amongst the Filipino viewers because he still value the 70/30 status in favor for them coming from the SWS survey.

[in my opinion: well, sometimes SWS surveys are not also reliable and at least, that poll [though unofficial] is a proof that many Filipinos understand already what RH Bill is and on how it is not the solution to our problem]



  1. #1 by wecantalk on May 16, 2011 - 12:22 pm

    ” …and would like to value

    the quality of life

    you can give to a child

    that considering

    the quantity”

    Read more about RH BILL issues:

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